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Celebrating 25 Years of GROWING UP PROUD with KENYA®

Kenya was created in the summer of 1990 at the dawn of a new age in
America. Solidarity and pride within the African American community was undeniably prevalent and there was no better way to celebrate the many beautiful shades of black skin than with the Kenya Doll brand. Having become the first African American doll with television advertisement, Kenya paved the way for every other African American doll that follow in her footsteps. Kenya not only captures the diversity among young African American girls, but she also emulates the diverse melting pot we pride ourselves in being as a nation.


Diversity is embodied within the Kenya and Friends doll line. In addition to being diverse among race and culture, Kenya showcases the many ways in which African American women and girls show off the crown that is their HAIR! Whether curly and short, long and natural, or braided and beaded, Kenya truly represents every black girl’s stylish locks. She is proof that black girls really do rock.


Kenya comes in three shades which represent the variety of African
American skin tones. She is accompanied by a host of friends and cousins representing the African American, Hispanic/Latino and Caucasian communities. These attributes are only a few of the reasons Kenya has been a favorite among doll collectors and the go-to doll of choice for African American moms when selecting a toy for their daughters to play with. Most moms agree that Kenya is a doll their daughter can say is just like her, a doll that will keep them “Growing Up Proud.”

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