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Keyara is the little baby sister of Kenya! Baby Keyara™ is the most adorable baby around!  Look at her precious puffs of natural curls! She is loved so much, that the Baby Keyara™ line has expanded to become Keyara’s™ Nursery! Style and play with her hair and feed her a baby bottle! Perfect for little girls to nurture and love her! 

Keyara has realistic curly hair! Braid it, bead it and style it! 

Keyara comes in three shades which represent the beautiful variety of African American skin tones. Join Kenya, her baby sister Keyara, cousins and her wonderful friends too! All representing the African American, Hispanic/Latino and Caucasian communities. 


Girls love babies! And girls from all around the world love baby Keyara! She's an instant hit with the small girl or the teenage girl. Keyara is the best little buddy to tag along in car rides, family vacations and even to take care of at home! 

Kenya Girl Doll - Baby Keyara - curly to
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