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Welcome to the Kenya Collections! Here you can view Kenya throughout the years! See all the amazing designs, variations, outfits and hairstyles of Kenya. With a doll that's been around since 1990, she's had many makeovers and trips to the salon! To see the most current Kenya doll, click on the CATALOG tab! 

25th Anniversary Edition


This 25th Anniversary Edition is a reproduction of the First Original Kenya® Doll. Kenya® is the oldest ethnic doll brand in the world!  The FIRST Kenya® doll was launched at New York Toy Fair 1992 and was the first ethnic toy to feature TV advertising!  The Kenya® brand has remained as popular today as it was then…Moms remember Kenya®!  To celebrate her 25th Anniversary, SmartZone, Ltd. has issued a reproduction of the FIRST Kenya® doll!


With all the fun and magic that she had in 1992, Kenya® returns wearing her pink print skeeter pants, neon pink top, sneakers and of course has her famous magic hair!  She comes with her head full of natural curls.  Put the magic lotion on her hair and the curls relax making it easy to braid and bead!  Wash her hair with baby shampoo in cool water and her lovely curls return.

Kenya is 13” Tall and fully poseable.  Her magic hair is washable.  She has realistic disk eyes. Hair Style Guide, beads, rubber bands, magic beading needle, curlers, pick comb, doll, fashion, sneakers, golden earrings and magic lotion are included for HOURS of hair play FUN! Mommy’s Best Friend, can be your Best Friend too!

Beautiful Hair Growing

HairGrow Logo.png
Hai Grow


The doll has Short or Long?  Natural curls! Can ya style her hair?  That’s Kenya!® Her Hair really GROWS, that’s Kenya!®glam, like a real diva girl!! Shorten her hair, or make it long… Kenya’s® always ready, that’s Kenya’s® song! For a style that’s new, what can you do…with Kenya!®


Hair Growing Kenya® is 16” Tall and fully Poseable.  She comes dressed in her adorable sparkly fashion with matching sneakers, headband and earrings. Her hair REALLY grows all the way to her toes!


Simply press her belly button in and pull her ponytail at the same time!  Pull it out to the length that you want and style away!  To make it shorter, simply turn the winding knob on her back!  You can do it over and over again!  Hair styling has never been so much fun!  Lots of fun hair play accessories and style guide included! Three assorted skintones; light brown, medium brown and dark brown.

Proud and Pretty



12” Tall and Poseable.  She’s 12” of ADORABLE.


Press the button on her tummy and pull her ponytail puff.  Her hair grows all the way to her toes!  Wind it back up on her back by turning the knob.  Her adorable Sparkle and Shine fashion, makes baby doll play so much fun!  Comes with her own dashiki print draw string bag with secret clips hidden inside.


Style guide, comb and bottle included.

93310-19 Hair Growing Baby Keyara.png
Proud & Pretty

Baby Keyara

12” Tall.  Poseable. Rooted natural curly hair in single pony tail.  Wears dashiki print onesie and matching head band.  Comes with her own bottle.