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Sparkle Pretty Kenya

#93100-18 Sparkle Pretty Kenya®

~ 13” Tall and fully poseable

~ 3 Skin tones, Hair colors and Fashions; Light Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

~ Rooted Long Natural Curly Hair! Put magic lotion in her hair and her lovely curls relax and straighten to simplify braiding and beading! Wash her hair in cool water with baby shampoo and her lovely curls return! Curly Hair is really great! Magic Lotion makes it straight!

Kenya® has gorgeous, silky natural hair for hours of super fun hair play! She

wears a Sparkle Pretty

adorable fashion! Metallic earrings and shoes. Magic Lotion, Snap Bead Clips,

rubber bands, hair beads,

Magic Beading Needle and Style guide included!

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