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Girls love everything about hair! That's why Kenya is all about the hair. Kenya's long beautiful hair is made out of realistic synthetic fibers that feel like real hair. Comb it, brush it, style it, bead it and wash it! 

But the magic happens with the Magic Hair Lotion! Simply apply it to Kenya's hair and brush her beautiful curly hair to straight long flowing hair! And when you want the curls back, simply wash Kenya's hair! There's so much you can do with Kenya's hair! Below are examples of many hairstyles you can use for Kenya and her Friends! 


Not only Mom can do hair but Dads can too! World famous singer and actor, Alex Boye' styles his girls hair, while she styles Baby Keyara's hair! It's a Daddy, Daughter Doll! 

Our team met with Alex and his family at their house, where Alex sat and styled his daughter's hair. When asked if he knows how to do a braid, he replied, "Are you kidding me, this is how I use to do my own hair!" We sat and watched while Alex did 2 of his daughter's hair styles. Each daughter held a Kenya or Keyara doll and did her hair at the same time! 

Kenya Girl Doll - Daddy Daughter Doll Ha


Need some inspiration for a great hair style for Kenya? Or just need some tips on how to place those beads? Maybe you want to learn how to braid! Whatever it is, below are some great hair style tips from your team here at Kenya! 


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