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Kenya was created in 1990 to celebrate the many beautiful shades of black skin. Kenya paved the way for African American dolls by being the first with a television advertisement! She comes with cute outfits, realistic hair and she looks gorgeous! Now you can own your very own Kenya Doll!

Now lets talk about HAIR! Kenya is all about beautiful styling hair! Kenya has realistic curly hair that goes straight when you add the magic lotion! You can even wash Kenya's hair! Braid it, bead it, style it! That's Kenya!

Kenya comes in three shades which represent the beautiful variety of African American skin tones. Join Kenya, her baby sister Keyara, cousins and her wonderful friends too! All representing the African American, Hispanic/Latino and Caucasian communities. 


Girls love everything about hair! That's why Kenya is all about the hair. Kenya's long beautiful hair is made out of realistic synthetic fibers that feel like real hair. Comb it, brush it, style it, bead it and wash it! 

But the magic happens with the Magic Hair Lotion! Simply apply it to Kenya's hair and brush her beautiful curly hair to straight long flowing hair! And when you want the curls back, simply wash Kenya's hair! There's so much you can do with Kenya's hair!

Kenya Girl Doll - Magic lotion straighte


Girls of all ages love Kenya! Young girls, Moms and even Grandmas love the Kenya Doll! They love Kenya's adorable face, gorgeous hair and beautiful outfits! 

Kenya has been the best friends of girls all over the world for many years. She's cute, stylish and of course beautiful, brave and bold!

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