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Sparkle and Shine Beautiful Hair Growing Kenya

The doll has

Short or Long?  Natural curls!

Can ya style her hair?  That’s Kenya!®

Her Hair really G R O W S, that’s Kenya!®
glam, like a real diva girl!!

Shorten her hair, or make it long…

Kenya’s® always ready, that’s Kenya’s® song!

For a style that’s new, what can you do…with Kenya!®
HairGrow Logo.png

Hair Growing Kenya® is 16” Tall and fully Poseable.  She comes dressed in her adorable sparkly fashion with matching sneakers, headband and earrings.

Her hair REALLY grows all the way to her toes!   

Simply press her belly button in and pull her ponytail at the same time!  Pull it out to the length that you want and style away!  To make it shorter, simply turn the winding knob on her back!  You can do it over and over again!  Hair styling has never been so much fun!  Lots of fun hair play accessories and style guide included!

Three assorted skintones; light brown, medium brown and dark brown.

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